Friday, September 25, 2009

Infolinks and Some Inspiration!

Yesterday I took in a lot of information and worked on a few things.

I decided to apply for Infolinks. It's a program that finds text on your website or blog which provides links to information or ads about that specific word called "In-text Advertising". All you have to do is apply and Infolinks gives you a code to place in your HTML. Then, they scan it too see if your site fits the criteria. that's it! Anyway, apparently you get paid if someone either actually buys or clicks on it? I'm not sure. I thought I'd give it a try.

So, I get on PotPieGirl and view a couple of her new posts. There was a great one about "getting focused" It has an incredible video with Tony Robbins interviewing John Reese and Frank Kern (A couple of the most successful Internet Marketers) Whether you are an Internet marketer or trying to do well at anything in life..... It's a must see!
Also, I watched this incredible video called "Did you Know?" on Lynn Terry's site that shows how far we've come so fast! Another must see! Tends to make me believe that internet marketing is going to be the biggest advertising media in the world very soon!

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