Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Journal Introduction

I started my adventure in Internet Marketing in June of 2009. Since, I have read and studied many different strategies and have not monetised on any of them as of today. In fact I have lost quite a bit of $ on PPC (Pay-Per-Click Advertising. Do not try this without experience. Or you'll be sorry). However, I will not give up no matter what! This is what I feel I was born to do! I love everything there is about the Internet and if I'm going to be spending as much time on it as I have.....I might as well make some $ at it! Right! My strongest recommendation would be to follow this blog and subscribe. I will be a success at this. It is not a "might". It is a will! I'd like for you to join me in success!

I've decided to keep an Internet marketing journal and the money I earn in this great adventure to be able to look back and see my successes and failures as I go. I also thought it might be helpful for others starting out in this business to either capitalize on my success or learn what not to do from my failures. Besides, history is there for us not to make the same mistakes twice. Right!? :o)

I will briefly go over what things I have exactly tried from June to Today and keep a daily Internet marketing journal of what I'm working on in future posts.

first. I started searching the Internet to find something online that I could make money at. I signed up to take surveys, I bought an online pharmacy website, I bought "Simple Sites Big Profits" by Marcus Campbell, I downloaded "Shoemoney's 12 week Internet marketing course" and have now just recently signed up to get the "Wealthy Affiliate" teaching.

I can tell you that all have been great insight on learning the business except for the surveys and pharmacy site. With the surveys you just have to take too many and most of them want your credit card number! Ugh. The pharmacy site was a learning experience. Basically, they have a site pre-made for you and you just need to advertise it and you get a percentage of the money for the items sold. The problem is..... The items are marked up and you are really not giving the customer a deal. With a little research they can find the items at almost half the cost. I would not recommend going with online pharmacies.

"Simple Sites Big Profits" However, was very informative. Marcus Campbell takes you by the hand and teaches you how to make small web sites that can potentially earn a lot of money. The price of $237 I thought was a little steep though. But, after I dove into what he provides compared to other programs..... It's cheap! I'm still working on this one and have learned most of what I know about IM from Marcus. "Shoemoney" has been incredibly informative. His 12 week course is excellent and I am still reading and implementing a lot of his strategies. I definitely recommend it. Plus, it's free! This leads me to the "Wealthy Affiliate" teaching. This is by far the best I have seen. There is actually an online community of Interment Marketers helping each other on a daily basis. I will for the most part be sharing with you my experience with this community since they have all levels of Internet Marketers and I just haven't seen anything out there that compares with the research I've performed.

Until next post in my Internet Marketing Journal.....God Bless! :)

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