Monday, September 28, 2009

Wealthy Affiliate Internet Marketing Schedule

Wow! Today was an exhausting day of information overload! i logged into the Wealthy Affiliate teaching account and opened up the "Getting Started Guide". Most of the information I was already familiar with since I had already purchased "Simple Sites Big Profits" and the free Internet Marketing course by "Shoemoney".

I'd have to say the "Setting Goals" section was the most informative to me. It really put into perspective how much harder I need to be working to start making profits. Kyle from the Wealthy Affiliate teaching outlines a typical week of what you could be working on. The outline was just an example of choosing article writing as a campaign. But, the example that he proposed I feel would really work! I have outlined it below since I will be starting on it right away:

-Write 2 articles.
-Research 2 New Industries.
-Build 2 landing pages for articles.
-Submit articles to
-Social bookmark articles.

-Seek affiliate programs in 2 new industries.
-Write 2 more articles.
-Submit articles to
-Social bookmark articles.

-Write one article.
-Research 2 industry audiences.
-Build 1 landing page for article.
-Submit article to Squidoo.
-Get one-way links to article.

-Come up with 10 new keyword concepts.
-Write 2 articles.
-Build 2 landing pages.
-Submit articles to
-Social bookmark articles.

-Work on getting more one way links to all the articles from this week.
-Write one more article.
-Submit the article to Squidoo.
-Research competitors articles

-Research and come up with 10 keyword concepts.
-Write 2 articles.
-Submit articles to
-Social bookmark articles.

Sunday: DAY OFF (give the brain a rest)

Also, I reviewed articles by from the Wealthy Affiliate teaching about making Squidoo Lens called "Fast Action Quick Start - You CAN Do This!". I have to say... She is absolutely awesome! I have never seen anyone be so helpful before in this field of Internet Marketing. You must check her out when you get a chance.

Until next post..... God Bless!

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