Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wordpress Site Planning

Today I've been researching "WordPress"(Website Blog Designs) Themes. I haven't been able to find a professional looking site that is original quite yet. However, I did come across some interesting Marketers. I signed up for a free newsletter called.... "Clicknewz with Lynn Terry". Lynn has been into Marketing for over 12 years.. I'm not sure how long she's been doing IM (Internet Marketing) However, she seems very knowledgeable and provides Internet Marketing Ideas, Tips and Reviews to help your business succeed. I just received my first letter. However, I haven't read it yet. Looking forward to it. But, I'm researching Word Press Themes right now.

Back to Business! I came across a WordPress Theme Generator off of Lynn's Site called "Affiliate Theme" . This is one of the best WordPress Theme Generators I've seen so far. They have a video that takes you through how easy it is to use. I'll be performing a little more research on other WordPress Theme Generators.... However, this one looks awesome!

Until then... God Bless!

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