Sunday, September 27, 2009

My Squidoo Lens Process

So, yesterday I created a new Squidoo Lens. I'll go through the entire process to see what I can improve on in the future. Also, I'm revealing my niche in hopes that not many people are viewing my blog right now (You don't ever want to reveal your niche or keywords) Besides, I'm learning and this lens is probably not going to be my big money maker anyway! Ha!

Here's how I began. My Son needs a new computer desperately. The dang thing is sooooo slow! It's ancient also. So, I figure I can sign up for an affiliate program with a discount online computer store and get my self a deal ordering through my own affiliate link. Here were my steps:

1. I performed research on online computer stores with the best deals. I found a great one called They have everything. So, I checked if they had an affiliate program... Yup! They just happen to be affiliated with Commission Junction which I am already a member. I just needed to apply. Done!

2. I went to the Wealthy Affiliate teaching account to see if there were any PLR (Private Label Rights)articles I could bum and rework about computers. Yes! They had an article about "making your computer hardware go quicker"

3. I copied the article and pasted it into Rapid Writer (a great software program at the Wealthy Affiliate teaching for helping you write different articles on the same subject) I tweaked it around and gave it a different title. However, it's basically the same article.

4. I ran the tool in Rapid Writer to see the dominant keywords in the article. I then typed those keywords into the Google Keyword Tool to see if I could find some low competition. The best I could find was "Speeding up my Computer", which had the minimum of 2400 searches in Google per Month. You also want to have 10,000 websites or less when you type your keyword in Google's search engine with quotes. I also placed this keyword in my article about every 100 words. This is for SEO (Search Engine Optimiaztion) to be ranked high in the search engines.

4. I created about 7 new text modules in Squidoo. You want to break up your paragraphs with different titles since most people just scan. They don't read!

5. I pasted photos from Google Images in each module on the subject of that paragraph to give it some visual stimulus. Also, I was able to find photos on Google with the exact process of the articles. It was great!

6. I added an RSS feed to some blogs on the same subject to keep my content fresh. The Google Crawler loves fresh content.

7. Then, I published it.

I'm now just waiting for the approval from some affiliate links that I will strategically place and for Google to index my page before I drop my URL link in other blogs.

That's it!

Hope this helps! Until next post... God Bless!

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