Monday, March 22, 2010

Traffic Ultimatum!

Okay, well, I haven't been on here for sometime now. I've just been so busy with this IM thing that a Marketing Journal although was a great idea at the time really doesn't make you money. I've kind of seen it as a waste of time. I don't know maybe I'll start journaling again.....

Anyway, I've decided that I'd just use this blog to be able to have a place for all the affiliate products I'm using. It's also a great spot to buy within my affiliate links so that I get a little kick back.

This leads me to the next latest and greatest thing that is all a buzz! "Traffic Ultimatum"! I don't usually get all hyped up about new "How to make money online" crap! But, this one is just too good to pass up. I have been following some of the best internet marketers and have opted into their email list and just two days ago I got emails from all of them about Traffic Ultimatum! Now these are trusted marketers I tell you.

Anyway, if you have time check it out. If not? I just put these links on here to so I could buy it for myself and get a little money back. I'll let ya know how it goes...... Well, if I remember! Ha!