Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Wow! OMG! Why don't more people know about this!? How to get 1 million visitors to your site! This is totally legal and not considered "Black Hat"! At least that's what I've been told! You must check it out! You have nothing to lose since it truly is absolutely free!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Magic Rewriter

Wow! So, I'm just testing out this new product that basically rewrites all your articles for you. This is very important to not duplicate your content. You can basically write 1 article and create 50 new articles out of it in no time.

I have spun articles in the past and this has taken A LOT of time. Plus, half the time the article just doesn't read right and it just seems like something is wrong with it. Well, with Magic Article Re-writer you will have over 30,000 synonyms to work with. This allows you not to have to think to hard. They will automatically show up.

Anyway, I think this is something worth looking into!

Until next post! God Bless!....

Monday, March 22, 2010

Traffic Ultimatum!

Okay, well, I haven't been on here for sometime now. I've just been so busy with this IM thing that a Marketing Journal although was a great idea at the time really doesn't make you money. I've kind of seen it as a waste of time. I don't know maybe I'll start journaling again.....

Anyway, I've decided that I'd just use this blog to be able to have a place for all the affiliate products I'm using. It's also a great spot to buy within my affiliate links so that I get a little kick back.

This leads me to the next latest and greatest thing that is all a buzz! "Traffic Ultimatum"! I don't usually get all hyped up about new "How to make money online" crap! But, this one is just too good to pass up. I have been following some of the best internet marketers and have opted into their email list and just two days ago I got emails from all of them about Traffic Ultimatum! Now these are trusted marketers I tell you.

Anyway, if you have time check it out. If not? I just put these links on here to so I could buy it for myself and get a little money back. I'll let ya know how it goes...... Well, if I remember! Ha!


Thursday, December 10, 2009

Okay! Okay! Okay! I'm Addicted!

I can't quit! IM still consumes my mind! I've decided to start working on IM again! I've been using One Week Marketing and it is incredible! I'm learning so much and all of it is starting to come together now. I got so focused on PPC that I could'nt see any other possiblility. Well, this is definitly for me!

I wrote 3 Ezine Articles and linked them to my Learn How To Play The Guitar Online website. So far one of them is approved and is ranking #2 on Google organic search with my keyword! :oO This is huge for me! I now can see how this will work withoug having to pay for traffic! I'm so excited.

I also wrote 3 blog posts to 3 free ad blogs mentioned in One Week Marketing with my out going links to my Learn How To Play The Guitar Online website.

Tomorrow I will do a few more check's like stated in One Week Marketing. Come Monday I'm starting a new campaign! Yeay! :O)

Until Next post............ God Bless

Saturday, December 5, 2009

My Wife is taking over!

Well, I've decided to take a break away from IM for now. My wife Arina is becoming very good and learning a lot. Plus, I have a full time job that could be getting neglected with how much my mind is on IM.

Anyway, Arina has been taking the One Week Marketing course by Pot Pie Girl and is thrilled! She never thought she would enjoy article marketing so much! She said that it has become very easy for her and would probably do this for fun even if she wasn't making any money. She's find the tools that Pot Pie Girl provides really helps to understand this whole IM thing!

I'll be updating my blog regularly to tell you how she's doing.....

Until next post..... God Bless!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Fed up with PPC & Google!

Well, I've had it! I'm sorry folks... But, GOOGLE just plain sucks! if it's not one thing? It's another. I was getting great CTR (7%) and was paying more than a $1/click. I was just trying to get my quality score up so that I wasn't paying so much or not on the first page in Google search. Well, it worked! My quality score went from 4/10 to 7/10. So, I decided to lower my bid. Yes! Google accepted me! Well, then my ad positioning went way down and my CTR began to fall to 2%! So, you guess what happens next? Yup, my quality score goes down and they want more $/click. To make matters worse..... I have not sold one thing on Google! All my sales came from Yahoo! But, Yahoo doesn't have the same payment plan. When Yahoo feels you don't have enough money in your account to sustain 3 days worth of clicks.... They take money right out of your account. At times it has even been a couple times a day. I would rather my ads stop showing than to have money automatically taken out of my account! That's why I tried Google.

Well, I'm done with PPC (pay/click) for now. I just find myself obsessing over it anyway just over analyzing and just being unproductive. I've decided to go back to free methods like y One Week Marketing by PotPieGirl. I don't know why I stopped in the first place. Her advice is incredible and the steps she takes you through is so easy to follow. You are never wondering where I go next. I guess I was just looking for an easy way out? Anyways, it's off to One Week Marketing!

Until Next Post..... God Bless

Monday, November 16, 2009

Still Not Making Sales!

Well, it's been a while since my last post. I've been driving myself crazy trying to figure out what went wrong with my first campaign. I've been checking my competition and using all of the tools on Wealthy Affiliate to see if I can improve. To make things worse my CTR on Google has been taking a big hit and now my quality score is quite low. So, I've paying approximately $1.00/click just to keep a 5% CTR (Recommended by Wealthy Affiliate). I hadn't been using Google before. I had been using Yahoo when I was making my sales. I didn't have much competition and I was paying a maximum of $0.37 per click. I stopped using Yahoo because they just kept taking money from my account when "they felt" it was too low of a balance. I like Google much better as far as that is concerned. They just stop running your ads when you run out of money in your account. Anyway, this has just been a big lesson and I'm finding a lot of competition on Google. I think I will go back to Yahoo when I have more money to invest. I'll try Google on another campaign that is not so saturated.

Until next post.... God Bless!