Thursday, September 24, 2009

Google Analytics and Alerts

One of the things that I have seen in every IM (Internet Marketing) campaign that the "Guru's" teach is the absolute stress they put on Analytics. If you don't know where you are succeeding or failing you can't make changes to increase your ROI (Rate of Income). So, today I'm going through and placing the code given to me by my Google Analytics account and placing the HTML code in the header of every one of my pages. This will give me data on where my traffic is coming from and tell me which pages are getting the most visits and time. I'm not sure if this will also give me what's converting? I'll be looking a little deeper into that today and post if so or not....
Update: Yes, you can use Google Alerts to track your conversions (Sales) under goals in Google Analytics.

One of the things that I learned from the Wealthy Affiliate teaching the other day was "Google Alerts" and how you can set up these alerts to email you whenever Google has indexed a website with those keywords. Very Cool! I originally did this to see exactly when some of my web pages were getting indexed by Google. But, now I've been using this as a way of contributing to these blogs that are new and coming in. This also gives me a chance to put my link in my signature which I believe will give me a back link on other sites. Back links are important due to the fact Google views your site as interesting to others. This can give you better search engine rankings when someone types in your specific keywords into the search engine.

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