Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Taking Some Time For Education

Well, besides the fact that I'm sick.... Yesterday was a pretty frusterating day. However, I did find in the Wealthy Affiliate teaching a ready to go packaged campaign aready for the ones who are dicouraged and not making any money (That's me!) So, I checked it out. Wow! It is starting to work. I't a PPC (Pay Per Click) Campaign though...I would tell you more. But, the Wealthy Affiliate teaching specifically tells you not to broadcast it. It's for Wealthy Affiliates only. Anyway, I've gotten many impressions and it is suppossed to convert like crazy! They say 1 out of every 20 with a $38 pay out! We'll see and I'll keep you posted. I'm thinking positive!

I also have dedicated myself to more training in the Wealthy Affiliate teaching. They really drive in the point that it's supposed to be 50% education and 50% action. However, I've made so many mistakes I'm kind of gun shy when it comes to taking action. So that's why I'm going to read some more today. I've also had some struggles keeping on task. I've always had that problem though.... Maybe it's my ADD? Ha!

I've decided to keep with my Article Writing campaign. But, it's getting hard to get my pages indexed in Google. I know, I know! I need to give it some time. I'm just a little impatient!

Till next post..... God Bless!

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