Monday, October 26, 2009

What Happened?

Well, I got my first sale on the 13th of October 2009. I also received about 5 more sales after that. About 1 a day until the 19th. Then, I don't know what happened? I got one more sale on the 22nd and then....... Nothing? I think I got a little too happy and started changing things on my website to see if I couldn't improve on the sales? Well, it hasn't worked. I mean, I didn't change much.... Well, I guess what I learned at this point.... Don't change anything when you're getting sales until you've received a lot of data. I made the mistake of changing things too quick and to make things worse I didn't save any of my previous work! So, I don't know what was working! Big Lesson!

Well, I purchased this great program that tells me where I'm getting clicks and how many. It's called Crazy Egg. I couldn't be happier! I did discover that most of my clicks were on the top left of my page on some Ebooks that I just kinda threw over there. I haven't gotten any sales from them and they're just wasting space on my page so I deleted them. I wouldn't have gotten much money from them anyway and I think they kinda could ruin my credibility since they weren't that good. Anyway, off to testing, testing, testing!!!

Until Next Post............... God Bless!

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